Five Ways Marketing Resembles Your Car

Your marketing plan can be a lot like a car.  In fact, there are lots of parallels if you can use your imagination to see the similarities. Let's take a look at the top five ways that your marketing plan (or web site) can become like the vehicle that you drive.

1. Not Very Pretty, But Reliable.

To say that my first pickup truck at age 17 was unattractive is without doubt an understatement. But until I upgraded, there were many things that I failed to even notice I was missing out on. I look back now and realize how blissfully ignorant I was, even though I'm still grateful for the experience.

When it comes to marketing, this scenario is extremely common for small businesses, many of whom rely primarily on word of mouth and traditional channels for getting the word out about their business.  While there is nothing wrong with this approach (some businesses are very successful with little to no marketing budget), chances are you are missing out on some huge advantages over your competition by not stepping up your marketing game.

2. The Cadillac

Listen, I'm not saying that Elvis didn't have good taste, but pink Coupe de Ville's just aren't for everyone. If having the best of the best is your style, then there are plenty of "premium" advertising and marketing agencies willing to take your money. They have hordes of highly-paid brand strategists, graphic designers, and project managers who can not only meet your marketing needs, but a great deal of their energy is actually focused on creating an unforgettable "experience" for you, the client. The question is, how much of that experience actually translates into marketing that connects you with your target customer? There is a good chance that a smaller agency can create a fantastic experience for your customers, without the "Cadillac" treatment, and also without the premium price tag.

3. A Beautiful Heap

Your web site and marketing materials are gorgeous. However, like many of the shiny cars sitting on used car lots, under the hood is a ticking time bomb waiting to cause catastrophe and cost you lots of money to fix. We prefer things that not only look amazing, but also work great and are reliable. Marketing companies can sometimes be strong in the visual arena, but weak when it comes to the technology it takes to run things properly. We have taken the time to lay a good foundation for both, so that your brand not only looks fantastic, but it works without having to be "jump started" every time you need it.

4. The "Custom" Ride

Someone once said that the best way to ruin the resale value of your car is to spend ten thousand dollars on custom equipment. You may be madly in love with your chrome exhaust and 30 inch rims, but you have just made your vehicle virtually impossible to sell. As a business leader, you are used to getting exactly what you ask for from your team. However, in some instances this can be detrimental when it comes to marketing, especially when marketing is not your specialty. You may have a set of colors that do not match, a logo that is outdated, and a web site that looks like it missed the memo on Y2K, yet no-one has spoken up to let you know that it's not working. Unless you are in a non-traditional market segment with a highly specialized audience, you should probably consider hiring an agency with the experience and creativity to present ideas to you that you may not have visualized on your own.

5. The Collector's Classic

I will never forget the summer after my 14th birthday, my dad brought home a 1957 Chevrolet 3100 pickup, badly in need of a paint job, but with a strong original engine and a gorgeous wraparound back glass. My older brother and I worked all summer on the body, before finally getting a coat of Candy Apple Red sprayed on it by the local body shop. It was a beauty, but proved to serve very little practical value, and was eventually sold to a collector.

If your marketing approach was formulated when newspaper was the most effective method of advertising, you might need a new strategy. You might be spending lots of money in outdated forms of marketing that aren't as effective anymore, or just aren't being used by your target audience. Your money might be better spent on digital marketing, social media advertising, or a fresh, modern web site that works across all platforms.


Take all of these things into consideration, and don't fall into the "used car" marketing trap.  Find out what we can do to help market your company by giving us a call today, at 662-842-5284 or email for more information.